a recording studio for kids

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It all started when…

BottledBeats was inspired by Sloane who loves to sing and bop along to her favorite songs. At three years old, Sloane didn’t quite know all the words to said songs, resulting in the cutest toddler tunes that we wanted to bottle up and keep forever. We brought her into the studio to record her and she absolutely rocked it, unlocking an unforgettable experience that we can’t wait to share with all little crooners and their loved ones.

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Your kiddo’s beats, bottled for keeps…

Capture their voices while they’re little, with an unforgettable studio experience

Does your child have a favorite song she loves to sing along to? You let us know what songs your child wants to record and we’ll lay down the tracks and have them ready to go for your studio session. A favorite book or story he “reads”? Let us know what it is, and we can find a track to accompany those adorable lisps and mispronunciations. Special occasion coming up? We can record introductions to performances be it holiday greetings or a loved one’s celebration. In studio, the connection kids make between hearing their favorite songs through sound booth headphones and hearing their voices played back in a professional studio right before their eyes is the magic we call BottledBeats.