This is how we do…

choose your songs

Tell us what songs your child would like to perform in studio and we will source them in advance so we’re ready to start recording once you arrive. Unsure how to select your songs? We’re here to guide you in choosing songs that make for optimal recorded tracks for your family to treasure for years to come.


rock it out

In studio, we’ll help your child get comfortable with putting on the sound booth headphones and belting it out into the mike. They’ll experience the fun of singing with professional equipment and the delight of hearing their own voices playing back, just like their favorite artists.


bring it home

Post session, we will deliver your chosen edits by way of professional quality sound files that you can download and share. We love playing the tracks in the car for road trip entertainment, listening to the recordings on repeat when we miss how they sounded when they were little, sending to loved ones with a sweet recorded introduction…it’s the gift that keeps on giving!